Aromatherapy for women

Aromatherapy massage is a wonderful way to let go of tensions held in the mind and body. During a massage I work on the body in a gentle rhythmic way which allows you to stop thinking and eventually you start breathing more deeply again. There are usually many sighs and yawns as you start to really relax and find a place of stillness within you where you can just be and where healing can happen.

I became an Aromatherapist in 1994 with the Association of Natural Medicines. I think we are all natural aromatherapists, children love to find out about things by smelling them. In the same way plants reveal their secrets through their smell, the juice of a plant is the aromatic part, and it is also the part with healing properties.

You don’t have to eat a plant to benefit from its properties, you can breathe in its smell by warming up its juice (essential oil) in some warm water or in an oil burner and then breathing in the vapour. The tiny particles of plant juice will find their way into your bloodstream via your nose and mouth and then through the lungs into the blood. From here the magical properties will do their work on you helping to heal and restore balance in the body systems.

Just think it takes 20 kilos of lavender flowers, 5 metric tonnes of rose petals or 3000 lemons to make just one kilo of essential oil. They are not just wonderful smells, they are powerful medicines.

I am available for sessions at Kirkbymoorside Natural Health Centre. Cost £40 for a good session.

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