Metamorphic Practise

Thousands of years ago in the Far East discoveries were made about the relationship between various parts of the body. Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Reflexology were all a development of these discoveries and they all use certain maps of the body for treatment. The Metamorphic Practise also uses a map but here we also see the connection between time, our life events and the body.

Metamorphic Practise uses a light massage of areas on the feet head and hands. On the Metamorphic map these areas relate to the spine, the first part of a human to form when we were merely a cluster of cells in the womb.

It’s as if we are releasing memories stored up like treasure from our lives, as if we no longer need to keep hold of some things, we have outgrown their use, we can let go of them and feel a little lighter, a little freer to be ourselves. We cannot predict any particular results from this work, it is our natural intelligence that does the work and knows what needs to be.

Scientists tell us that cells have memory and so maybe, with Metamorphic Practise, we are gently connecting to our history, the diary of our lives by gently touching these places on the feet, hands and head.

Some people come for the relaxation because they find it is a lovely way of letting go – others come because they may feel stuck in life or as if somethings missing - some when they have forgotten how to enjoy being who they are.

Some things that people have reported after a session:

  • "I went swimming for the first time for years - I’d forgotten how much I loved it"

  • "The next day we put our house on the market as we realized that we both wanted to move"

  • "It brings me in touch with myself, however far I stray as soon as the work starts on my feet I know I’m back home again"

I became a Metamorphic Technique practitioner in 1985 with The Metamorphic Association and then trained with Gaston Saint-Pierre as a practitioner teacher in 2004.

Jules performing Metamorphic Practise on a foot